The 'Geldzählerbrunnen' fountain was designed by Ernst Wenk in 1912 it was left for some time without water and has only in recent years been repaired to its current state. The actual meaning of the 'Geldzählerbrunnen' is 'Teller Fountain' which depicts the figure counting or distributing money, not as my initail impression suggested bowing his head in sorrow. According to some futher research on the 'Berlin Street' web-blog. An anecdote by Erwin Geschonneck reveals some detail about the fountain; "In 1914....Sometimes I met my grandmother at the Pappelplatz at the beautiful Teller Fountain, where the unemployed people always sat. Of the figure they said: “It counts whether the unemployment benefit was underpaid again”. My grandmother often rested there. She bought bread for me and the margarine on it was usually 'ranzig', but I was always very hungry, and it was the war."


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