Postcard from Snowdonia

'Postcard from Snowdonia, 1998 to 2006'I drew the above sketch on a trip to Snowdonia eight years ago it is a leaf from a small sketchbook that I filled from cover to cover. I was recently invited to take part in "Going Postal" organised by Belfast's Travel Agents as part of their current exhibition "In Flight Magazine". On being invited to submit a drawing, I realised that I hadn’t drawn for some time, so I began to look at past work. When I recalled this sketch book, it occurred to me that this visual reminder of my time there was a very personal 'postcard' from Snowdonia in 1998 to the present day. When once postcards and photos would be the preferred method of sending mementos; now camera phones and e-mails allow a digital image to be instantly e-mailed from your holiday location. I wanted to revitalise this image by digitally posting it on a web-blog; highlighting the contrast between the instantly disposable digital snapshot with the hand-drawn sketch that inhabits a bookshelf for years at a time.


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